Roman plaster, going back to the origins of ressource

The Roman Plaster

This pre-tinted lime coating is the heir to the splendid and very manageable Marmorino, originally made from marble and lime powder.

Ressource has developed its range of Roman plaster with the desire to offer 64 colors that were previously unavailable.This palette covers the classic spectrum of mineral colors while opening up to those of contemporary architecture. You can order our Roman Plaster finished Guide here.

But the major innovation of this plaster lies in the simplicity of its application: first, a special primer (Rough Primer)  applied with a roller, then a one-coat of mineral undercoat and lastly one coat of Roman Plaster to obtain this beautiful finish. But Ressource also provides application services by a team of experienced applicators, and shares its artisanal techniques with our community.

This beautiful decorative plaster, with its soft, slightly glossy finish, will suit many types of interiors.
It can be protected with a water-based wax that will delicately accentuate its shiny appearance without excess shine.




Directed by Daniel Chauvin and his daughter Pauline, Ressource is one of the last independent French paint manufacturers.The Ressource brand has a long history of mastering color and paint since 1946 in Provence.

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