Choose the right finish

The more than 1,000 shades in the house come in a variety of finishes.
Each one brings a unique look and depth to the shade through the use of light.
Whether you choose a single finish for a uniform look or mix different finishes in the same room, each will take its place and enhance your interior. A beautiful finish cannot reveal its full potential without proper preparation of the substrate.


Extra matte, this finish gives depth thanks to its chalky and very mineral touch.
It offers a natural and raw rendering while conferring a muffled atmosphere and a "cocooning" sensation to the room by patinating with time while preserving the colors.
The Powdered Mat softens the resonance of a room. 

Acrylic paint - intensely matte, with an exceptional depth. Strong opacity.
Interior walls and ceiling.
Perfect for light and medium tones. 
Coverage for 1 coat :
550 sq.ft./Gal. (13,5 m2/L)
Wipeable. Eco Friendly. 



Rich and filling, this finish gives a slight velvety effect.
Satin Velvet is versatile, easy to live with and ideal for enhancing strong colors.A robust finish for interior wall, wood and metal. Perfect for all interior spaces with a magnificent silky finish. 

Interior walls, ceilling, interior woodwork and metawork.
Coverage for 1 coat
590 sq.ft./Gal. (19m2/L)
Wipeable and washable. Eco Friendly.
Size : 1 Liter, 1 Gallon, 10 Liters.



Water-based lacquer wit an unbelievable silky finish, highly resistance and remarkable covering power. 
Interior walls, interiors woodwork and metalwork, celling. 

Coverage 1 coat : 
670 sq.ft./Gal. (16,5m2/L)
Wipeable. Eco friendly. 
Wash gently. 
Size : 1 Liter, 1 Gallon






Water-based lacquer with an incomparable smooth matte finish. 
Highly resistant, soft and silky aspect.
Easy to apply on all surfaces. 
Interior walls, interior woodwork and metalwork. 


Coverage 1 coat : 
670 sq.ft./Gal. (16,5m2/L)
Wipeable. Eco friendly. 
Wash gently. 
Size : 1 Liter, 1 Gallon

To help you choose the right finish you can visit us in our showroom. Our consultants will be happy to show you each finish and help you in your choice !   

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