Showcasing Ressource's extensive collection of paints, plasters & lime washes in this beautiful boutique in the heart of Sag Harbor. 

The new design hotspots in the Hamptons.

In the heart of Sag Harbor in the Hamptons, this hub is a partnership between Kristin Fine and Analisse Taft-Gersten. The co-founders of  The 1818 Collective fell in love with a 19th century Greek Revival property and decided to transform it into an ever-changing boutique. A wonderful place where we had the chance to apply our finishes ! Every finish and color was carefully chosen by the two talented designers to create a truly safe and inspiring place.

To renovate this house, Analisse and Kristin took as a starting point the history of the building, the warm light of the region and the proximity to the sea. Lime Paint and Roman Plaster were the natural choice for the upstairs bedroom, kitchen and bathrooms. Combined with a contemporary style, these finishes strike the perfect balance between local history and modernity.

The original floors were preserved and various modern elements were introduced. On the main floor, we applied the finish Elegant Matt paint - it gives a room a muted feel while dampening the resonance of the wood moldings. And it's resistant to high traffic, so it won't fade over time.

You will also find a lovely bathroom with stripes in Velvet satin. Washable finish this finish gives a slight velvety effect, and is ideal for wet rooms.

Nevertheless, it was not easy to find the right balance. Honoring local history and producing something innovative was a challenge. With a keen eye for detail, 1818 Collective created this project based on the values they hold dear and an amazing craftsmanship.