Undercoat for Lime Paint

Paint is a liquid or semi-liquid substance that is applied to surfaces to add color, protection, or decoration. It is commonly used in various applications, such as art, construction, automotive, and home improvement.

For a constant and harmonious layer of lime wash

The fine mineral lime plaster designed and developed by Ressource combines both contemporary and classic interiors. The great specificity of this lime-based coating lies in its smooth, unglazed, deeply matte appearance which makes it a unique product.

It is easy to use and the application technique is very close to that of coating. This product is thick by definition and therefore needs to be applied on top of a rough primer.

Undercoat Qualities :

• It provides an excellent grip for the paint, achieving a durable final finish.

• It provides a mattifying coat that allows even surfaces and absorption.

• Very resistant, quick dry, good adherence to previous paints.

Recommended for best result of Lime Wash Paint: 1 coat of Undercoat for Lime Paint first, then 2 coats of Lime Wash Paint.

Coverage max : 119 sq. ft per Liter/ 450 sq. ft per Gallon.

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