Velvet Satin - Ressource's Durable, Medium Sheen, Eco-friendly Finish

Ressource House of Paints specializes in high quality paints, mastering more than 1,000 colors and a variety of effects since 1946, our paints are focused on interior design and all of them are eco-friendly, organic and contain low VOC levels.

This time we’ll talk about our Velvet Satin finish, from our water-based Full tone collection: this particular finish provides an incredibly smooth, velvety high-end finish that is sure to elevate your space. The Velvet Satin finish provides a gorgeous velvety smooth texture to any surface including:

  • Walls
  • Ceiling
  • Doors
  • Trim
  • Cabinetry

Velvet Satin can be applied to any primed surface using a brush, roller, or airless spray gun. For the best velvety finish, we recommend applying 1 coat of our undercoat and two coats of the Velvet Satin paint

Our undercoat is specially designed for Ressource paints and is tinted in the same shade as the Velvet Satin Paint to provide the most saturated velvet finish.
The first coat of Velvet Satin can be applied with a 5% dilution of water followed by a second coat with the same dilution. A light sanding between coats provides a smooth surface for the paint to adhere to, which results in the best final look. 

The Velvet Satin finish is a great way to bring sophistication to high traffic areas as the finish is easy to apply, durable, and washable.
The finish’s strength makes it the perfect paint for families and can even hold up its beauty in the toughest of environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. 

While Velvet Satin is perfect for apartments and homes, it also offers practical functions in commercial projects. Across Europe and New York, Velvet Satin has been used in a variety of restaurants, stores, hotels, and salons.  Thanks to its durability, saturation, and ability to be cleaned, it offers long lasting color to high-traffic commercial venues. Its slight sheen and depth bring wisps of French elegance to any retail space. The gorgeous Velvet Satin can be seen throughout Le Roch Hotel & Spa in Paris.  Its medium sheen and depth provide a chic backdrop for the sophisticated atmosphere and elegant aesthetic of the hotel. 

Ressource’s Velvet Satin Finish (Blue) used in Le Roch Hotel and Spa, located in Paris. 

As a part of Ressource’s Full-Tone collection of finishes, Velvet Satin is available in over 1000 colors. To make the selection process easier, the large selection of colors has been categorized by shade and into collections, each of which was created by renowned designers such as Sarah Lavoine. 

The shades include Les Bleus (Blues), Les Jaunes (Yelloes), Les Neutres 1 et Les Neutres 2 (Neutrals 1 and 2), Les Rouges (Reds), and Les Verts (Greens).  There are over 10 different collections, inspired by the works and travels of the designers that created them. 

  • Les Blues are a wide array of blues tones that contain light blues, navies, turquoises, and purples with blue undertones. 
  • Les Jaunes contain a variety of yellow and orange tones ranging from Champagne to Burnt Orange.
  • Les Neutres 1 and Les Neutres 2 cover Ressource’s most popular neutral tones such as whites, off-whites, beiges, browns, and blacks. Les Rouges has the reds, pinks, and purples with red undertones. 
  • Finally, Les Verts contains the greens, darker turquoises, and greys with strong green undertones.

All these shades can be seen through the color selection tool on our website or through sample accordions, which are for sale on the sample page. 

Ressource’s Full-Tone Sample Accordions. From left to right, Les Rouges, Les Bleus, Les Verts, Les Jeunes, Les Neutres 1, and Les Neutres 2. They are available for purchase individually or as a set through the sample page on the Ressource USA Website.

Ressource’s wide selection of colors is also categorized into 19 collections, each with a designer who built the collection around their experience, travels, and inspirations. 

Famous French designer Sarah Lavoine developed a unique collection of vibrant and chic colors inspired by her favorite personal designs, including her signature color, SL35-Bleu Sarah. Other Ressource collections include Les Couleurs Historiques, Les Couleurs Traditionelles, Sérénité, The 1950’s, Cohérence, etc. Ressource’s newest collection, HEJU, was released in early 2021. Designed by Helene Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmann, the HEJU collection combines minimalist style with Japanese and Scandinavian influence. Composed of 16 shades, HEJU was inspired by organic material the architect team encountered every day and the beauty of the earth they sought to incorporate into their designs. 

Colors HEJU01 (white) and HEJU11 (pink) from Ressource’s HEJU Collection, released in early 2021.


Velvet Satin’s smooth, velvety texture provides a unique appearance compared to other Ressource finishes. Many designers have paired Velvet Satin with Ressource’s Lime paint. Lime paint, when applied with a brush, is naturally matte and provides great texture to a wall, which when accented with Velvet Satin trim creates a spectacular contrast. Burnished lime paint, which has a slight sheen, blends perfectly with Velvet Satin trim in order to provide a uniform sheen. The finish can even be mixed to match the color of effect paints such as Lime Paint and Roman Plaster.  

Velvet Satin can also be used with Ressource’s Powder Matte or Elegant Matte finishes. These matte finishes offer an incredibly deep and flat finish, which, when combined with Velvet Satin trim, doors, or cabinetry, create a sharp contrast.  The difference in sheen between the two finishes can be utilized to bring dimension and depth to a space. 

Elegant Satin, another finish sold by Ressource, offers a similar level of sheen and saturation as Velvet Satin. Elegant Satin is a part of Ressource’s commercial line that is designed to provide a high level of saturation and coverage at an affordable cost. While similar to Velvet Satin, Elegant Satin does not offer the high-end velvety finish or high level of durability. 

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly, medium sheen finish to bring elegance and sophistication to your space, then Velvet Satin is the finish for you. With over 1000 colors to choose from, its versatility, durability, saturation, and velvety smooth finish makes it the perfect paint for homes, apartments, kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial spaces. 

Find Velvet Satin on the Ressource website under Full-Tone Paint Finishes or stop by our showroom and see some samples.