Lime Painting with Ressource

Renowned specialists of effects paint; Ressource uses exclusive ingredients from the south of France to manufacture organic, and healthy, Lime Paint and Lime Wash.

Lime paint has a deeply rooted history as one of the first ever house paints emerging from the Roman and Mediterranean regions, and is being used more frequently in today’s world. It is perhaps one of the most innovative and natural mineral materials that one can use to add texture, movement, and a one-of-a-kind aesthetic to any space.

The process of creating limestone comes from lime quarries whose blocks are crushed, baked at very high temperatures, mixed with water, and natural pigment for color.
The pH levels of lime paint are very high, resulting in a natural, and breathable paint. Lime washing awakens not only a timeless tone, but a harmonious relationship between traditional technique, and modern hues.


How To Apply Lime Paint

Lime wash is a versatile paint and can be used within the home, or outside of it. In contrast to other typical house paints that sit atop the surface of the walls, lime wash absorbs into the surface. It is best to apply lime wash to porous surfaces such as plaster, stone, and masonry.

Lime wash may also be applied to drywall if an appropriate primer is used. Before beginning the application process, it is essential to apply a Lime Paint Undercoat, this will allow the lime paint to adhere to the surface for enhanced durability while still maintaining its breathability.

Pro Tip: The wall should be clean and smooth prior to application. Depending on the desired effect, it is recommended to use 2 layers of lime paint, with a 12-to-24-hour minimum break between each coat for a perfect result. Specific tools such as a natural fiber brush, and a paint roller are recommended for  various application techniques. 

Lime Painting allows for decorative effects in all nuances; combined with proper application and tools, it can be done with or without a painter (although it is always recommended to consult a professional). "We can play with the material, with the textured finishes, on a section of wall, a counter, and/or a basement”, explains the decorator. The brushed colors and natural textures are incomparable in depth. The touch is expressive, and its texture reflects the hand of the craftsman.

Lime Painting Techniques & Tools

Lime washing is unlike any other paint or process. The lime wash collection has two application styles with two variants in each one. Both application styles require the use of specific tools such as a Natural Fiber Brush, or Trowel that will aid in distributing the organic product, creating movement, and texture. 

The first application style is called Brushed Lime Paint

This application style has two effects: stretched and cloudy.

The stretched effect is applied using a Natural Fiber Brush

By moving the brush in strictly vertical motions, this will give a decorative style with traditional natural finishes, and subtle striated nuances. The stretched effect is perfectly suited for medium shades of lime paint.

The second technique is the cloudy effect which also uses the natural fiber brush.

Unlike the stretched effect, the cloudy effect requires the brush to be moved in varying angles, with soft movements. This effect provides a dense and textured decorative look with its matte-grained finish. The cloudy effect embellishes light, medium, and dark shades.

The second application style is called the Burnished effect.

This style is driven by two variant techniques, Burnished and Smoothed.

The burnished effect requires the use of a steel or Plastic Trowel to aid in application and overall result.

This effect renders a spectacular mineral look with shiny and matte variations which you can accentuate by using our water-based finishing wax.
This application style is ideal for light and medium shades.

The second technique within this method is called Smoothed Lime Paint.

This smooth application provides a deep and striking look with a velvety matte finish that can further be enhanced by using our water-based finishing wax as well.
The smoothed lime paint technique is intended for dark and bright shades.

Ressource's Lime Paint Sets offers much more than a decorative effect. The naturally sourced material, organic compounds, and overall uniqueness of the mineral provide an effect that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

Maintenance and Care

Cleaning lime washed walls is not recommended, nor is it often required. The overall effect of Lime washed walls shows little dirt compared to standard paints. However, if something should be touched up, applying a small diluted amount of lime paint to re-coat the affected areas is sufficient. 

What Are the Pros & Cons of Lime Painting?

Although the effect of Lime washing is highly desired by many, it also may not be for everyone due to the mottled appearance, and somewhat difficult control of the product while applying. Some may need several coats of lime paint to reach their desired effect or apply a re-coat if the result isn’t what was expected.

Lime Painting is a natural, and healthy approach to traditional painting and has been used for centuries inside and outside the home. The organic compounds which make up the lime paint have a plethora of natural benefits such as sanitizing properties, odor control, insect prevention, keeping out moisture, and resisting against mold & mildew.

Lime paint also consists of Zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which makes for a virtually odorless application. It is acclaimed by designers, such as Maison de Vacances, which offers an incredible 77 color collection inspired by the earthy tones found particularly in the Mediterranean, North African, and Indian regions.

Similarly, esteemed designer Sarah Lavoine has launched 7 brand new Sarah Lavoine lime paint shades in collaboration with Ressource. The iconic blue Sarah (Bleu Sarah) that we love, and a sublime khaki hue are also included in this new release.


Ressource Lime Paint is available directly on our website and is sold as part of a set that includes the recommended tinted undercoat, the lime paint, and all applicable tools and materials needed. Our team is available to answer any application questions you may have and help determine which color, and application style is perfect for your space.