2021 Recap of some of the best design projects using Ressource Paints!


Room decorated with lounge chair, mirror, and long wooden table. Painted in the colors of the Maison Sarah Lavoine + Home collection.

Maison Sarah Lavoine Color Collection + Home Collection available in our showroom.

Long hallway leading to other rooms painted in dark blue.

We are loving this color selection. Credit: A T E L I E R D A A A

Victorian home decorated with vintage pieces of artwork.

Color: SL05 “Amande” in this beautiful historic home in Virginia by the talented team of Michael Devine Ltd and Thomas Burak Interiors.

White wall and turquoise green wooden chest with flower details.

Stop by our showroom to check the different finishes available for any woodwork, like this beautiful chest by Daily Kids Factory.


Corner of a dark room, the walls are a dark green, it has with a brown sofa chair and a black and white abstract painting on the wall.

Color: Silex CFL02 in one of New York’s top restaurants, FREVO.

White with colorful spots counter top and gold faucet, mirror on the wall with wooden frame.

HEJU collection: 16 organic shades 

Living room with a sofa chair made of wood and white cushions, in front of  off-white curtains. Black stone coffee table in the middle of the room, sideboard plain wooden table with white lamp on top, and geometric painting on the wall.

Beautiful project by “White Arrow” using Ressource’s Effect Finishes 🤍 Credit to: White Arrow and Dwell magazine.

French window with white stained-glass, surrounded by dark blue walls and silver lamp hanging from the ceiling.
Go bold 
Credit:  Boclaud Architecture, thank you BCDF studio for the photo.


Room with pastel green walls, tall white door and white framed french window. Lounge chair and cushioned stool besides a white stone table. Black wooden fireplace.

Inspired by Spring colors RMDV18 “Laurier Sauce” in this beautiful space by Victor Cadene using Ressource.

Room with bohemian-style couch against a staircase wall detailed with geometric wallpaper and 2 black pillars towards the left of the room.

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Wallpaper with black fine line animals and blue door.

Bien Fait wallpapers available at Ressource Americas . Sneak preview by talented designer Alec Holland in this Hamptons Project 💙

Baby pink and military green walls, wooden table in the middle of the room.

Collection “Heju” visit our showroom at the D and D Building to see the full collection. Suite 1507.


Room with military green walls, bed with light color bedding and white side table.

Lime Paint Color: “RMDV20 - Kaki” 🌾
Styled by 
Christine Pirot Hébras, using Ressource.
Photo by: Frenchie Cristogatin.
Location: Une Nuit au Château.

Geometric details on wall and wooden furniture.

HEJU’s wallpaper collections made up of abstract organic shapes with irregular outlines capturing a moment of pure creativity and boundless freedom.

White dining room with wooden table.

Crisp Whites. Color: “NTW-Not Totally White” in this beautiful space by Bossard architecture.

Green and Orange bathroom.

Ressource USA introduces “Gesso di Turino” , a waterproof plaster designed specifically for bathrooms & kitchens. Available in over 1000 Ressource colors.


Dining room with gray walls, lamp style chandelier and wooden table.

Loving this New York project by The White Arrow using Ressource’s decorative finishes.

Vintage style room with dark blue walls and white fireplace.

Good morning from this beautiful historic home designed by Michael Devine LtdThomas Burak Interiors using Lime Paint RMDV59 « Caviar ».

Dark green room with a bed in the middle, white bedding and green canopies.

Ressource’s unique decorative wall finishes in this beautiful room at Hotel Des Grands Boulevards. Photo credit: Joe Pickard.

White room with sliding door leading to a dark blue room.

Silex « CFL02 » in this beautiful project by : Sies Home Interior Design.


Turquoise and wooden cabinets in kitchen and black furniture.

How beautiful is this kitchen by LalaHome using Ressource’s color SL05 « Amande ».

Corner of a room with birds wallpaper and wooden table with typewriter on top.

Forestine wallpaper “Paradis Caché” Upstate NY, The Mount Tremper.

Dusty pink wall with mirror, room with wooden chairs and tables.

Ressource’s Lime Paint RMDV39 “Rose Ottoman” in this beautiful space by Pauline Lorenzi-Boisrond.

Photo: BCDF studio.

House entryway, wooden staircase.

Loving this entryway using Ressource Color « IT10 - Calanque ». 


Dark purple wall with small rectangle window, wooden long table and cushioned stools.

How beautiful is this moody Lime Paint effect by Ressource Americas. Designed by the talented team of re-a.d - Côme Ménage . Photo by: Chris Mottalini.

White room with arch leading to a room with blue walls and wooden details.

YVES KLEIN PAINT in this unique interior designed by Pauline Lorenzi-Boisrond  
Photo by: BCDF Studio.

White wall, light colored chest with floral details.

The colors of Summer, credit to Atelier Embruns.

White room with wooden furniture.

Crisp whites in this lovely interior by ATELIER HANS using Ressource paints. Photo by: Anne-Emmanuelle Thion.


Turquoise hallway with small table and mirror.

Beautiful monochromatic interior in « FOR03 Source » by the talented Marianne Evennou. Photo by: Grégory Timsit Photographie.

White arch in the wall leading to a hallway.

This beautiful New York apartment designed by the talented team of Pappas Miron Design, using Ressource’s Lime Pain. Photography: Annie Schlechter.

Room with white wall and orange detail.

It’s all about the details. This beautiful space by the talented team of Boclaud Architecture. Photo by: BCDF Studio

Room with dark blue walls and yellow lounge chairs.

This beautiful New York apartment featuring Ressource’s Glossy Lacquer in color « Broadway » and Forestine Wallpaper on ceiling. Designed by the talented Alec Holland. Photo by: Genevieve Garruppo.


Teal walls with white accents, bookshelves and gray couch.

This stunning New York interior showcasing Ressource’s textured Lime Paint designed by the talented Pappas Miron Design, Featured in: Luxe magazine.
Photo: Stephen Johnson.

Teal wall decorated with a mirror, wooden table and stool

We can’t get enough of this beautiful interior using Ressource’s Lime Paint, designed by Pappas Miron Design. Styled by: Colin King.
Photo: Stephen Johnson.

Room with white walls, french window and wood floors.

Beautiful textured walls using Ressource’s special finishes in this timeless interior by Boclaud Architecture. Photo by: BCDF Studio.


Kitchen room with beige and white details, wood chair and floor cabinets.

 Colors from HEJU collection. 

Stop by our showroom Suite 1507 to view Maison Sarah Lavoine Lime Paint color collection 

Corner space with blue details and a single bed.

Feeling blue. this lovely space by Stephanie Bertina Minel using Ressource Paints.
Photo: Agathe Tissier-Dumont.

Dusty pink, yellow and black wallpaper.

Our new wallpaper collection by Madi x Ressource Paints. 
Photo by: Genevieve Gleize.


Bedroom and bathroom space with teal and dusty pink colors, and wooden details.

This beautiful space designed by Maison Sarah Lavoine Studio. Find all colors online or visit our showroom Suite 1507.

Dusty pink room with large mirror over fireplace and modern accessories.

Color: HEJU11, in this beautiful space by Atelier CVD.
Photo by: François Guillemin.

White space with frames and circular mirror on the wall. Green lounge couch.

SL04 Jasmin by Maison Sarah Lavoine.

How charming is this space using Ressource Paints.


Children's room with dusty pink walls and small white table with wooden stool.

Perfect shade in this charming bedroom designed by FAVRESSE Architectes.
Photo by: BCDF Studio.

Dark green dinning room with plants on wooden dinning table.

One of our favorite colors. SL09 Thé de Chine in this timeless dining room designed by Claude Cartier Décoration

Bedroom with white bedding and trade wind window.

Burnished Lime Paint in this beautiful New York City apartment designed by Pappas Miron Design.
Application by: Ressource Paints.