Lime Paint Set

Paint is a liquid or semi-liquid substance that is applied to surfaces to add color, protection, or decoration. It is commonly used in various applications, such as art, construction, automotive, and home improvement.




Original and modern texture: paint with lime wash 

Mediterranean traditional paint

In collaboration with Maison de Vacances, we created a collection of a unique line of limewash paints filled with new and original shades.

In addition to the timeless tones that Ressource is renowned for, this collection now offers novel, complex and modern hues.

For the best result, apply one coat of tinted undercoat (specific for the lime paint) followed by two coats of lime paint.

The limewash collection has two application style options, with two variants in each one. 

First Application Style Options:

Stretched Brushed Lime Paint

  • This lime wash coating gives a decorative style with a traditional natural finish and subtle striated nuances.
  • The stretched effect is perfectly suited for medium shades.

Cloudy Brushed Lime Paint

  • The Cloudy brushed technique gives a dense and textured decorative look with its matte-grained finish.
  • The cloudy effect embellishes light, medium and dark shades.

Second Application Style Options:

Burnished Lime Paint

  • The Burnished style renders a spectacular mineral look with matte and shiny variations which you can accentuate by using our water-based finishing wax. Ideal for light and medium shades.

Smoothed Lime Paint Lime Paint

  • This smooth application gives a deep and striking look with a matte and velvety finish which can be further enhanced by using our water-based finishing wax. Also intended for dark and bright shades.

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