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Effect paints - Roman Plaster


Roman Plaster requires Rough Primer and Mineral Plaster Undercoat for the best result

Roman Plaster Coverage: 76 sq. ft per Gallon

This pre-tinted lime plaster is inspired by the splendid and prestigious Marmorino, originally derived from powders of marble and lime.

Ressource has developed this unique range of Roman Plasters and are highly committed to offer exclusive original colors. This palette combines the traditional spectrum of mineral colors, along with contemporary shades inspiration.

The real innovation of this coating lies in the simplicity of implementation : first, a special primer (Rough Primer) applied with a roller, following by one coat of Mineral undercoat and lastly one coat of Roman plaster to obtain this beautiful finish. 

This splendid decorative plaster, with a soft, slightly glossy finish, will fit into many different types of interiors. It can be protected with a water-based wax that will delicately accentuate its glazed appearance without excessive shine. 

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