Maison Sarah Lavoine Color Collection

From fresh, bold, natural to urban inspiration, Maison Sarah Lavoine Color Collection by Ressource is notorious for its unique “joie de vivre” and chic Parisian style.

Interior Designer, Sarah Lavoine is madly in love with color and she uses it to her heart’s content. 42 vivid and timeless shades which vigorously revive and enhance any space. 

From timeless whites, to rich greys, to vibrant yellows, to romantic pinks, and warm neutrals, to its signature hue that has been used in many interior design projects, a deep blue that varies from peacock to a profound green, one of a kind, hit color named after the designer, “Bleu Sarah”.  

This shade has become one of the symbols of the brand.  It was created as Sarah was looking for a particular color to lighten her office which is high up under the rooftops of Paris.  “Bleu Sarah” is a perfect balance between blue and green that varies according to the light.

This collection also includes exclusive shades inspired by the city that never sleeps, New York. Its buoyant atmosphere, its energy, vitality and its unique architecture and light.

Red Hook, a red that is reminiscent of the 50s and the rise of new brick industrial neighborhoods and their warehouses, brings a vintage spirit to interiors.

Williamsburg, a deep khaki that transports us into the artistic world of Brooklyn, where bohemian art and spirit are ubiquitous.

Broadway, a deep blue that takes us into the secrets of a New York night where the unexpected is always possible.

Huddlestone, an intense green that takes its name from the famous Green Arch in Central Park, where the city draws its oxygen.

Coney Island, an intense yellow that suggests a childhood spent under the neon lights of a theme park or the hot sand of the holidays by the sea.

Broome Street, a pale pink that gently drives us through the streets of Greenwich Village to Little Italy.

42 original shades that promise to wake up your senses and capture the beautiful & spontaneus French style, a perfect choice to endow your interior with a modern and contemporary style, but also the opportunity to experience the one and only spirit of New York.

As quoted by Sarah; “To dare color is to let one’s instinct speak, to listen to one’s emotions, and to keep one’s senses awake. “