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Floor Paint Set


Discover a new perspective to a room with a touch of our Floor Paint.

Suitable for wooden floors, tiles, vinyls, and concrete floors inside including garages, the Floor Paint will give free rein to the imagination for a unique decoration. It’s
water-based composition gives a beautiful, smooth matte finish while being extremely strong with high covering power. It is washable and a friend to the environment.

Coverage per coat: 119 sq.ft per 1 Liter and 450 sq.ft per Gallon

Floor Paint requires a tinted undercoat for maximum performance & grip. Sold by the set as follows:

  • (1 Liter of Undercoat + 1 Liter of Floor Paint)
  • (1 Gallon of Undercoat + 1 Gallon of Floor Paint)


  • Water-based paint. 
  • Extremely strong
  • Beautiful smooth silky finish
  • High covering power
  • Washable
  • Eco-friendly. 

*It could also be applied on cabinetry where durability is required.



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