Ressource Paints

Saint Jean - ANB02 - Ananbô


Saint Jean - ANB02, a stain created by Ressource for Ananbô that perfectly accompanies the panoramas "Saint Jean Sépia Patine XVIIIe small - PPANB02" and "Saint Jean Sépia Patine XVIIIe larg - PPANB02."

After applying a suitable Ressource undercoat, all our Ananbô stain finishes are applied in 2 coats.

Elegant Satin / Elegant Matte / Velvet Satin = 1 Liter for 161 sq.ft. and 1 Gallon for 610 sq.ft per coat.

Powder matte = 1 liter for 146 sq.ft per coat and 1 Gallon per 550 sq.ft. per coat. 


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