Let It Spark!!

Adding glam to any space is easy, with Ressource’s Metallic Collection. The city that never sleeps, New York City, home of urban meets chic, has truly amped up and gained a very special attraction to Ressource’s metallic finishes, from residential spaces to sought new restaurants and hotels.

Spark your creativity by using a metallic finish on your walls to create a bold statement in any room.  Design an eclectic space by mixing materials, juxtapose styles, antique with modern, rustic with sleek, and formal with informal, and contrasting touches of shimmering paint with matte finishes.  The metallic hues are a timeless statement, match them together, apply on furniture, columns, or a create a textured effect over roman plaster (Empreinte Collection), … the choices are limitless. 

Metallic paints are also a great idea for ceilings, the reflective surface makes the space looks larger, by helping light reflect around the room and adding a subtle glow.  

Ressource constant thirst for authenticity and elegance displays a unique art de vivre, which strives to enhance and bring harmony to everyday life. 

Awaken your imagination… and let it sparkle!!